New Vote for Dues Increase Scheduled for September 13, 2020

It has been brought to the boards attention that there were concerns of the validity of the vote that took place on June 28, 2020 calling for a dues increase. Upon further research and discussions with the attorney it was found the June 28, 2020 vote was invalid. As per the Rules and Regulations we will send out letters 30 days prior and we also will provide information in the Fall Newsletter and the LLPOA web page.

As members it is your responsibility to make sure the board has the correct address, email and phone number. Please make any corrections to your mailing address, email and phone number if necessary, the address list the board currently has on file is being used as reference to sending information and news letters.

We as a board do apologize and want to correct the mistake. Therefore, the vote that was held on 06/28/2020 for the said dues increase has been declared null and void.

We the board have scheduled September 13, 2020 for a full vote on the dues increase issue. As always, we the board are working for the membership and the betterment of the lake and hope that you stand with us as we work to further improvements for OUR lake and community.

Regina Gabel-Reisen
LLPOA President

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