Goal Met! We are Getting a Swim Platform & Ladder

At the last Member’s Meeting, Pat Althaus stated that she and Steve would donate $1,000 toward a swimming platform for our beach. As this was already a dream of the Captain’s Cove crew, they will also be support this improvement with a $500 donation. The cost for the platform with ladder and anchors is $2,723 tax included. Thanks to many donations from others, the goal has been met and soon (yet this summer) the new swim platform and ladder will be in place at Daisy Beach. Thank you everyone for helping to make this happen.

The dock is maintenance-free and barefoot friendly! It is 10′ L x 6.6′ W and is a polyethylene dock section that is durable, slip-resistant and low maintenance with 4,000 pounds of weight capacity. There will be a swim ladder for easy access to the dock.

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