UPDATED: Blue Herron Slip Rentals

UPDATE: 5/4/21 — Spring has sprung!!  Members want to get their pontoons in the water.  The Lake Committee has received a lot of input on ways to lease/rent the pontoon slips at Blue Herron.  The monies received will be used to build and add more slip in the future.  There are currently at least eleven members that want the five available slips.   

The committee has decided that there should be a bidding process for the slips.   Minimum bid will start at $300 per season, with highest bid getting first choice and so forth.  After the slips are allotted, the remaining names will be kept in order of their bid and they will have first right of refusal when slips are available.  However, whatever a member bids will also be their price annually for that slip. For the next season, the member can keep their slip if fees are paid, and the member is in good standing.    There will be a short contract listing rules and responsibilities.  

Members will have until midnight Friday, May 7th to enter their bids.    Please email your bid to dmerrilldesign@aol.com , or send a text to 319-560-8831.    The pontoon slips will be given out on Saturday, May 8th.

4/12/21: The lake committee has been busy at Blue Herron! The cove was dug out and new docks were DONATED and installed by a member. Now his request is to rent out five of the slips for pontoons, with the moneys going back to the lake management fund. If you are interested in one of the slips please contact Scott DeYoung or Dave Merrill. Please get you name in SOON! Tentative rates are $300 per season, and possibly $350 if you want it again the following year. Final details will be available at the spring meeting.

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