A Message from Dave Merrill, LLPOA Building Committee

This is to try to help clarify the current proposal for a new pavilion.  There has been discussion since the June meeting, but this was the original proposal and is what will be voted on at the Sept. meeting.  It is a long read and covers mostly highlights.  I’ve kept it factual and tried not to express my opinions.

The committee began in late 2017 by accessing the buildings we have:    The pavilion had lots of issues, and of course now it’s been removed due to safety concerns.  The kitchen building also had/has many problems: no foundation so we have issues with cracking/sagging and water in the kitchen after heavy rains;  the electric is way inadequate for cooking;  rodents and bugs are a continuous issue;   plumbing has frozen/broken/repaired often over the years and is bad;   it is also used for storage of records, prizes, etc., that should not be in a kitchen.

The committee decided that these buildings were beyond fixing for current use and they made two decisions:  1. the most efficient use of funds to replace both structures is to combine them into one building.   2. Make a structure that is insulated and heated/cooled so it can be used all year, not only for lake business but also by individuals/groups for celebrations, recreation, etc.

We started with a much larger building and kept downsizing to the smallest size that would fit the needs of members.  The current proposal that you see is the result of many meetings and much time spent fitting everything into the space over the last three years.  Let me review the design to describe some of the features.  Please refer to the drawing. 

  1. The large meeting area would seat 100+.  Three insulated overhead garage doors for open feeling.  Multiple ceiling fans.  Food serving area from kitchen.  Counter space area with outlets to heat food when not using kitchen.  Storage for chairs/tables.
  2. The kitchen utilizes all the equipment/tables/coolers that we currently have.  It’s all shoehorned in the room with the best layout. There could be an additional serving window to the outside tables on the left side.
  3. There is a small office in the lower left hand of the drawing. This would be used by the board for office space, record storage, storage of misc. items, etc.
  4. The bathrooms as designed have two stalls and a sink for each M/W.  There also is a handicap bathroom directly across the hallway.  This would meet ADA requirements an include a shower that can be used by all.  The board’s reasoning is that during warm months we would have the additional bath/shower facilities at the beach.  In cold months we currently have no showers or toilets, so we felt that one shower would be adequate. These bathrooms would be open all year.
  5. The picnic tables on the left side of the building are covered by the main roof structure.  There will be outlets to plug in crockpots, and lighting controlled with a timer.    The picnic tables on the right side of the building would be on a concrete apron but are uncovered.  

This vote is asking the members permission to borrow (which the lake has done before) up to $120,000 as a construction loan. A construction loan is where you take a draw on the money only when you need it for the project. You pay interest only. Once the project is complete and we know the total funds used (for hopefully much less than the $120K), the construction loan is then converted to a 15 year mortgage.

That’s it. Please feel free to ask questions.  This will be reviewed again in the Sept. meeting.

Dave Merrill, LLPOA Building Committee.

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